The Unofficial (Autumn/Winter) Uniform of the Countryside…

I love autumn, partially because it means I can revert back to my staple wardrobe of jumpers and wellies without any funny looks (that’s not to say I didn’t spend most of my summer in jumpers and wellies though). The Farmers Weekly writing competition „The best thing about young farmers is…“ announced their winner aContinue reading “The Unofficial (Autumn/Winter) Uniform of the Countryside…”

Exciting New Series! – #FabulousYoungFarmers

I am planning to start a series on my blog called #FabulousYoungFarmers. In this I am going to host a series of interviews with present and possibly past members of the National Federation of Young Farmers, I hope to encourage others to hop on the bandwagon and join the young farmers. I am aiming toContinue reading “Exciting New Series! – #FabulousYoungFarmers”

Saying Goodbye to the Defender: The End of an Era

The Countryside loved it. The Queen Loved it. Even James Bond loved it. There is no doubt that the Land Rover Defender has been one of the most iconic and quintessentially British cars, definitely in my lifetime, and that there are many people across the country who will be sad to see it go today.Continue reading “Saying Goodbye to the Defender: The End of an Era”